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Today it's my turn at TTT 

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Added - You can use the same technique to make paper roses. For some photos of the roses click here

Now on to my tutorial.

What you need:
- grunge paper 15x15cm sheet is enough
- 2 punches
- 4 Promarkers or if you prefer 4 different ink pads. I've chosen browns and a red.
- silicon glue
- pokey tool or something long and thin
- glitter glue
- small square of paper/carboard to use as a base for this flower, approx. 1.5x1.5cm

These are the punches I've used.

You need to punch 15 of those - they'll be coloured in 3 different shades (5 of each shade).

And you need to punch 4 of those - they'll be coloured with the remaining 4th shade.

Colour the petals. 5 with Burnt Orange.

5 with Chestnut.

5 with Ruby

Shape 10 of them in two different colours with the pokey tool. (I've chosen 5 in Burnt Orange and 5 in Chestnut)

You should have 10 of these.

Colour these 4 with Cinnamon Promarker.

Together with 5 Ruby petals curl them on the other end of your pokey tool. If you haven't got a pokey tool use a round pencil.

You should have 9 of these.

Put a big portion of silicon glue on the small square of paper you have.

Insert 5 Burnt Orange petals like this.

5 Chestnut petals like that - between the Burnt Orange ones but a bit higher than them.

5 Ruby petals like that.

And 4 Cinnamon petals like that.

To finish of put some glitter glue to cover the silicon glue.
Leave to dry. To be on the safe side put aside for about 2 hours.

Photo from a different angle.

That's what you can do with a flower like this one.

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Caroljenks said...

Love your tutorial Maggie - those flowers are amazing!

Carol x

Maggie's Crafts said...

Carol - Thank you! :))

Ardilla said...

Thanks for this wonderful tutorial!
I like homemade flowers :)

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