Hi everyone!

As announced earlier Thursday will be a tutorial day. :) Sometimes it will be a short one and sometimes, like today, it will be a picture tutorial. I'll show what you can do with rubber stamps to make stamping with them easy. :)

First treat yourself to some rubber stamps. :) I won these ones on Ebay and they cost me £1.5! That's what I call a bargain!

Cut them out and stick to an acrylic block. Ink and stamp on a self adhesive sheet. I used some self adhesive labels my other half brought from work. 

Once you stamp the images... 

peel the sheet away.

That's what you get once you peel it away.

Now stick the stamps where you see the images coming through.

Cut out and voila! Job done. :)

Now when you stamp with these stamps you'll know where the image is.


Hazeyj said...

What a brilliant idea Maggie - I wonder why I never thought of it but thanks for sharing it! How is the new job going? Well, I hope, hugs Hazel x

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