I like order... ;) Get me OMEA. :)

Hi everyone. :)

People who know me face to face sometimes say that I'm a less extreme version of Monica from Friends. I don't hoover my hoover with another hoover and I don't have a label on my labeller but I like, as Julia Dunnit said, place for everything and everything in it's place. Even my computer is set up to make my life easier and tim
e spend on it more enjoyable.

I'm sure that there are bloggers who struggle a bit when following other blogs. Do you visit each and every blog you follow to make sure you haven't missed a new post? Does it take a lot of time? If you would like you can download OMEA
. It's a free and very easy to use software that follows your favourite blogs for you. The only things you have to do are: install OMEA on your computer, copy the HTTP:// link into it using Subscribe to feed button and... done! Everytime you start OMEA it will check your added links for new posts and display them on the left hand side. If you wish to check for new posts again just hit Update All. You can view the original post, text only version (which I guess will not apply to craft bloggers :) ) and you can do many more int
eresting things.

Here's a screenshot of my OMEA...



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