New idea...

Hi everyone! :) 

Had an idea... I can't buy all the stamps I'd like to have, especially background stamps, which can be very expensive. So... if you'd like to have a Polka Dot background you can print out, grab yourself .DOC or .PDF file. 

In each file there are different sizes of Polka Dot background - starting with the smallest one on page one and finishing with the biggest one on the last page.

Below is a screenshot of page one.

Click here to download .PDF file. 

Click here to download .DOC file - you can change Polka Dot colour.


To get FREE Acrobat Reader for .PDF files click here.

P.S. Come back tomorrow and I'll show you some samples made with Polka Dot backgrounds. :)


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for this - love polka dots:) Elizabeth

Anne-marie said...

what a fab idea thank you for sharing
Anne-marie xx

Colibri scrapero said...

Gracias por el lindo gesto de copartir.... ya me los llevé, acá en chile los sellos no son muy amplios en cuanto a diseño así que yo más que feliz, cariños mil....

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