I know I'm late with this post today but I had a lovely day and no time to log in earlier. :)

So here's some photos of my crafty room. :) 

My Distress Inks - colour coded. On the left shade when applied with a sponge, on the right when used with direct ink to paper method.

My new Martha Stewart punches. LOVE THEM!!

 And my paint brush holder from the Works, bought for 99p. :)

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Anonymous said...

Everyone has loads of distress inks and yours is a good way to see whats what. My 6 don't take up much room. love your holder though nice and deep but easy to see everything.
x Tricia (65)

craftimamma said...

Love the brush holder. Great idea and Martha Stewart punches - another weakness I have!

Lesley Xx Linky 92

sasa said...

Nice ink supplies. Did you know that you can print out all the colour labels from a link on the Ranger website? Might also be handy...Enjoy those punches and show us the outcome!

Theresa said...

Awesome ink colors! Have been looking at the Martha punches. Really like yours!

Morti said...

Neat idea with the distress inks - love MS punches too but can never afford them. I have a similar brush holder but not with the cup on the top, like that, will have to track one down!

Maggie's Crafts said...

triciasconfetti - Thank you. :)

craftimamma - Thank you! Marta Stewart's punches are incredibly addictive. :)

sasa - Thank you. :)

Theresa - Thank you. :) The punches are expensive, but are worth every penny!

Morti - The cup on top is just a cardbord holder I made. :)

Susan Allan said...

very tidy... love those punches.. I have some and I could not be without them.
Sue xx 88

Sue said...

Hi ya Maggie
oh lovely lot of ink pads, all very neat & tidy, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Maggie's Crafts said...

Susan Allan - Thank you. :)

Sue - Thank you & have a lovely day too! :)

Sherry said...

I have made labels for my Distress Inks similar to yours (although mine aren't so neat!) I'll show them one week.

Your MS punches look fab - and the paintbrush holder was a good buy (and so useful)

Sherry (117)

Julia Dunnit said...

Gracious those DI labels are a labour of love! Nice organised space - I think those two MS punches are probably the next two on my list..

Maggie's Crafts said...

Sherry - Thank you. :)

Julia - MS punches, even though they're expensive, are definitely worth the money!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had intended to visit anyone who left a comment this week, then that strategy got me confused, so decided to go through the list anyway (grin). You can see how well my strategy worked! Thanks for inviting me to participate in TTT. I will have to check it out again. I am a big recycler, and could probably be a benefit while learning a lot, too.

You put a LOT of time in the DIs. Will you use the lid once the ink pad is no longer viable? Seems like a lot of work, but a very eye catching display and well worth the time.

Maggie's Crafts said...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth - I'm sure you'll love TTT! :) Making the labels on inks didn't take much time, especially that I made the labels whenever I bought a new ink and not all of them at the same time.

Creative Boutique said...

Great idea to color code your distress inks - must make it so much easier to pick the right one quickly when you are working. Two beautiful punches you have there as well!

See you at the next WOYWW,


Maggie's Crafts said...

Claire - You are right! It's very easy to pick the one I need as I can clearly see what colour they are. :)

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