WOYWW and why Gorjuss range made me very angry...

Hi :)

Read on to find out why Gorjuss range from Docrafts made me angry!

But in the meantime...

On my desk today... A bit messy as it's work in progress.

My partner bought me this carousel - the best birthday gift ever!

And as always the double bed turned into storage space for unfinished creations and some crafty stash I'm selling on ebay. 

If you want to grab a bargain pop over and have a look at

Approx 5000 flat backed pearls. They have just arrived and are stunning. :) As usual I got them on Ebay. £1.95 for 1000 3mm pearls. Good price don't you think?

And now onto Gorjuss range. I have an online shop and sell some items on Etsy. Thank goodness for crafters who are wonderful and think about other people. Sam, another seller from Etsy dropped me a message today. She found out that the Gorjuss Angel Policy states:

'With Gorjuss - any handmade or digitally created projects may NOT be sold at any permanent retail locations, NOR may they be sold via any online retail destinations for instance on Ebay, Etsy or such like. Gorjuss products may be sold (as per the capped allowance specified in this Angel Policy) via Craft Fairs or for charitable purposes (provided they are not sold via the above retail channels).'

Lovely isn't it? I'm angry and upset. I have bought a lot of their papers, decoupage packs etc assuming I'd be allowed to sell them in my shop. 

Well lesson learnt! Next time read the Angel Policy first!

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Still a little bit angry, 

Why painkiller I take, don't work...

I have been taking painkillers for a very long time. My 'long time' is more or less 10 years. At the beginning they were working very well. 
When the dose I was prescribed stopped working I'd up it a little bit. From 10mg of Codeine to 20, from 20 to 30 and so on. When Codeine stopped working my GP topped it up with some Amitryptiline, then Nortriptile, Gabapentin or Pregabalin. 

Unfortunately after a few years when I reached a maximum dose of everything, my body got so used to them that they, on a good day, just take the edge off. They never make the pain go away. 

I'm so used to taking painkillers that the dose needed to get rid of my pain would kill me. 

I learnt how to live with it. It goes where I go, it's with my whatever I do. But my pain is not my enemy any more. It's become part of me, part of my life. Acceptance, not that long ago actually, made it easier to exist.

I have a normal life, full time job, very happy home. I stay a happy and positive individual. :)

I changed what I didn't like and accepted what I couldn't change.

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